Definition of unbalanced in English:



  • 1Not keeping or showing an even balance; not evenly distributed.

    • ‘Decentralisation of the water supply system is a solution to the improper and unbalanced water distribution system in Kerala.’
    • ‘The danger is that people cut things out of their diet and end up with a very unbalanced diet which in turn makes them ill.’
    • ‘The upside of this setup is that it can accept either balanced or unbalanced signal input.’
    • ‘Now if the fabric is a stripe, it could be what I call a balanced or an unbalanced repeat.’
    • ‘The aim of the drills is to begin in an unbalanced position, then stay balanced while lifting light weights or stretching.’
    • ‘If the three elements were unbalanced, then the company would gradually begin to erode.’
    • ‘However, as people have seen elsewhere in York., the profits to be made from York's housing market is leading to unbalanced over-development in the city and the loss of local facilities.’
    • ‘Excessive or unbalanced development of output institutions such as the bureaucracy and the military is rare relative to input organizations, such as political parties and interest groups.’
    • ‘The highly unbalanced and uneven distribution of the world's currency reserves is also a potential source of huge destabilisation.’
    • ‘The NSS highlighted the manner in which Dublin and the greater Dublin area had developed and sought to redress what was now recognised as uneven and unbalanced growth in the country.’
    • ‘What China and India have in common is their sex ratios are unbalanced, due to a strong preference for boys and the presence of the technology to allow sex determination and abortions.’
    • ‘Due to unbalanced development, most migrants tend to concentrate in the large, prosperous cities in coastal provinces.’
    • ‘Essentially, my high school diploma represented an incomplete and unbalanced education.’
    • ‘His off season workout program isn't typical - Zito does strength work and lifts weights while in unbalanced situations, such as on a balance beam or on a physio ball.’
    • ‘Faced with this hard evidence that their classrooms, workplaces, and campuses were embarrassingly unbalanced, a number of academic spokesmen discounted our study.’
    • ‘Probes that bind to specific chromosomal telomeres can be used to identify balanced or unbalanced products in Robertsonian and reciprocal translocations.’
    • ‘This had led to an unbalanced distribution and areas located at a higher level and those at the tail end complained of poor supply.’
    • ‘We then repeated the test crosses of the 42 putative EP suppressor strains to D502 and this time tested both the unbalanced and the balanced male progeny.’
    • ‘The balanced rudder overwhelms the vertical in size and the unbalanced ailerons are roughly equivalent to barn doors.’
    • ‘When they begin to worry that his upbringing may be too unbalanced, they enroll him in the nearby town's junior high school.’
    1. 1.1 (of a person) emotionally or mentally disturbed.
      • ‘And even when this death is caused by an unbalanced person, there is a feeling of unfairness, that can even lead to a sense of hopelessness.’
      • ‘This is a big city, and there are many predators and unbalanced people out there.’
      • ‘Moussaoui is clearly mentally disturbed and his being unbalanced led to his arrest.’
      • ‘You are one crazy, mentally unbalanced, psychotic son of a bitch.’
      • ‘Being a studio picture, this is only the beginning, and we are taken on a ridiculous and unbelievable journey through the kind of paranormal world that only unbalanced fruitcakes could possibly relate to.’
      • ‘But that is as far as I can go in praising this decrepit and mentally unbalanced person.’
      • ‘The White House physician, who was not a psychiatrist, did describe Coolidge in his unpublished autobiography as being mentally unbalanced and mentally deranged.’
      • ‘Third, the several failed and foiled attacks reveal that the terrorists use low-level technology, and exploit unbalanced individuals, nothing like Atta.’
      • ‘In his youth he has suffered blackouts that repress chilling memories of childhood abuse, death and the absence of his mentally unbalanced father.’
      • ‘Is it wrong to not want mentally unbalanced people in your life?’
      • ‘This is about not letting mentally unbalanced people serve in the judiciary.’
      • ‘The letter he left before the Hollybank House attempt clearly showed his mind then was unbalanced.’
      • ‘And as for the mentally unbalanced people that seem to be attracted to this site remember that hate is not a good thing.’
      • ‘Some of those she took in were broken, homeless, mentally unbalanced people.’
      • ‘That includes her mentally unbalanced mother and her nosy next-door neighbor/best friend Bunny.’
      • ‘As the 8-year-old niece who is stuck with her unbalanced aunt while she also mourns the loss of her mother, Maxime Foerste is excellent.’
      • ‘It is possible that he was mentally unbalanced.’
      • ‘Containment is not possible when unbalanced dictators with weapons of mass destruction can deliver those weapons or missiles or secretly provide them to terrorist allies.’
      • ‘To others, we are a combination of animals, brutes, deviates, psychopaths, products of broken homes, or just plain psychologically unbalanced individuals.’
      • ‘Strong character scenes between the submissive husband and the increasingly unbalanced wife play effectively alongside the suspenseful kidnap and ransom sequences.’
      unstable, of unsound mind, mentally ill, deranged, demented, crazed, troubled, disturbed, unhinged, insane, mad, mad as a hatter, mad as a march hare, raving mad, out of one's mind, not in one's right mind, neurotic, psychotic
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    2. 1.2 (of an account) not giving accurate, fair, or equal coverage to all aspects; partial.
      ‘this may give an unbalanced impression of the competition’
      • ‘I would suggest that our views be sought by the media before they publish one-sided unbalanced articles.’
      • ‘The producer of the hit ‘Vets on Call’ television programme shot in North Mayo has defended the series against an attack from a farm leader who said it was unbalanced.’
      • ‘You won't be able to support businesses that fund this kind of fraudulent and unbalanced partisanship.’
      • ‘School children will be given an unbalanced and biased view which you can be certain will paint unions in the best possible light.’
      • ‘Glassie says the Herald story was unbalanced and was nothing more than a thinly disguised personal attack on the prime minister.’
      • ‘The story was unbalanced and unfair and made no attempt to present both sides of the issue, George says.’
      • ‘The most unbalanced newspapers were the Toronto Sun at 97 percent, the Vancouver Province at 84 percent and the Calgary Herald at 81 percent.’
      • ‘Like journalists, politicians selectively quote the facts, they only tell one side of the story, and they give unbalanced and biased opinions.’
      • ‘Then we could file briefs pointing out the unfair and unbalanced nature of FoxNews coverage.’
      • ‘Questions of media bias came to the fore as members of the Liberal party machine accused the ABC of unbalanced coverage.’
      • ‘The thing about this biography is that it is not fair, it is unbalanced and it is biased, and it is what John Howard would call a ‘black armband biography’.’
      • ‘I was taken aback to read the rather slanted and unbalanced coverage of the debate on the issue of protected structures in last week's issue of the Weekender.’
      • ‘On this day, of all days, they choose to spread their unfair, unbalanced message, a message that I think can only be fairly understood as expressing hostility to our great country.’
      • ‘Bone is correct that Israel cops a horribly unbalanced and unjustified level of criticism.’
      • ‘Its choice of interviewees is often unbalanced, it employs double standards in treating one side far more roughly than the other, and much of its questioning rests on a series of highly partisan assumptions.’
      • ‘Opposition indigenous affairs spokesman Kim Carr said the government's policy was unfair, unbalanced and one-sided.’
      • ‘They say her comments were unbalanced in favour of the prosecution.’
      • ‘When judicial matters are one of the principal foci of borough and national records, we unavoidably receive an impression, not so much exaggerated as unbalanced, of the misdemeaning or felonious conduct of townsmen.’
      • ‘The board accused McBeth of writing an unbalanced manuscript that was biased against the conservative resurgence within the SBC.’
      • ‘Protests and complaints about inaccuracies, unbalanced and unfair reporting, defamation and character assassinations, must be taken seriously and dealt with.’
      biased, prejudiced, skewed, one-sided, lopsided, partisan, factional, partial, inequitable, unjust, unfair, uneven, unequal
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