Definition of unauthentically in US English:



  • See unauthentic

    • ‘I finished my meal with a Turkish coffee, which came, very unauthentically, in a large espresso cup, almost full, the effect further marred by coffee grains all along its rim.’
    • ‘So we are wary of portraying ourselves unauthentically as well.’
    • ‘I can't believe not too long ago I was on the other side of the boat, I was once the girl who called you unauthentically black.’
    • ‘The picture has been unauthentically used by many Vietnamese politicians to incite hatred against the French and those Vietnamese who worked for the colonial administration.’
    • ‘Many without religious or nationalistic tendencies live unauthentically and immorally… bigotry in particular is common to all, and I see a lot of it here.’