Definition of unassigned in US English:



  • Not allocated or set aside for a specific purpose.

    ‘as cell phones proliferate, the number of unassigned numbers is being exhausted’
    • ‘First, all vessels with exotic, non-quartz tempers ought to occur either as outliers to the local chemical groups or in the unassigned category.’
    • ‘Cases that are currently unassigned have often had considerable work done on them and the House was given details yesterday about forensic evidence and other evidence being collected.’
    • ‘One of these unassigned elements from the upper portion of the pit at the level of the house floor is charred, probably as a result of the burning of the house.’
    • ‘They are 14 unassigned areas without POTS service.’
    • ‘At first, unlicensed devices would be permitted to operate on the guard bands and unassigned 52-69 channels.’
    • ‘In November the previous year, though unassigned, I saw an exhibition of Agnes's paintings at the Robert Elkon Gallery and immediately wanted to meet her.’
    • ‘However, the strengths of the assemblage - global correlations are not markedly influenced by unassigned genera.’
    • ‘Show preceptees some simple, stress-free tasks, such as stocking the blanket warmer or fluid warmer, or other appropriate tasks for unassigned times.’
    • ‘Everyone took his or her unassigned but familiar seats.’
    • ‘Rocks of the suite are distinguished from unassigned leucogranite sheets of the same age by the absence or paucity of K-feldspar, and by their less silicic compositions relative to the leucogranites.’
    • ‘The variety of tasks performed in the office requires a range of space types: open and enclosed, public and private, individual and group, owned and unassigned.’
    • ‘The origin of these continua remains unassigned.’
    • ‘The six unassigned samples also are excluded because they do not constitute a group in their own right-they were lumped together solely because they could not be assigned to one of the other groups.’
    • ‘On subsequent days, the treatment of the unassigned colonies was determined in a similar fashion, except that the assignment of the largest was opposite of the previous assignment.’
    • ‘The two unassigned saplings were used for other purposes.’
    • ‘In the early 1990s, the company's leaders envisioned an office in Venice, Calif., made up entirely of unassigned team space.’
    • ‘McGrath was still unassigned, but had assumed Pulsford would nominate himself.’
    • ‘Of the 100 cases, 42 are still open and 19 remain unassigned, but none of the families contacted so far have resisted DHS' efforts to assess their children's safety.’
    • ‘When Strike Command was disestablished in 1971, responsibility for Sub-Saharan Africa was left unassigned.’
    • ‘Why, with at least 2,000 unassigned cases piling up in police stations around the country, will the police not ease up on issuing minor traffic tickets and focus on responding to serious criminal activity?’