Definition of unassignable in US English:



  • See unassigned

    • ‘Annotated genomes were examined for novel gene orders and the presence of unassignable sequences.’
    • ‘You knew I had just been pulled out of New York after a long mission and per your own requirements, was to be on downtime, unassignable for any new missions for three months.’
    • ‘The property must be assumed to have been capable of sale in the open market, even if in fact it was inherently unassignable or held subject to restrictions on sale.’
    • ‘The estate created by the tenancy is unassignable, because a purported assignment terminates it as soon as it comes to the notice of the owner.’
    • ‘Even if such allusions are not so expansive or so specifically ‘unassignable,’ the abstracted mimicking and representation of writing is a familiar theme in the visual arts.’