Definition of unanchored in US English:



  • Not anchored or securely fixed.

    • ‘An originalist Court could even overturn some of those victories as unanchored in the Constitution.’
    • ‘The specificity of these identities becomes very existential and contingent on the dramatic nexus of nomadic media events and images unanchored from historical and social contexts.’
    • ‘But eventually even Willie, naive and unanchored as he is, realises that he must leave.’
    • ‘No wonder this hypothetical patient feels so much at sea, and the conversation so unanchored.’
    • ‘Inside and outside merge as bottles and jars seem to float unanchored amid tangled branches.’
    • ‘The desperate attempt to comprehend events is reflected in the intensification of a search for meaning as signification becomes unanchored and multiplies.’
    • ‘Such storms can flood coastal roads and damage piers, trees and unanchored mobile homes but rarely cause structural damage.’
    • ‘Although this gives the music space, it can also leave it dangerously unanchored, especially when the trio opt for a straight groove.’
    • ‘The small self has everything to lose because it is all an unanchored project to begin with.’
    • ‘California's most distinctive social upheavals, however, are neither those of the working class nor those of the lumpens, but those that the broader, unanchored white middle class supports on Election Day.’
    • ‘The large and unanchored uneasiness I feel about it is that we may not get through this century.’
    • ‘As with Dostoyevsky and Kafka, nameless guilt, one unanchored in some particular deed, produces the worst suffering.’
    • ‘That life raft still drifts, aimless and unanchored, on the surface of the vast and roiling ocean that is the self.’
    • ‘There were more than glimmers of greatness in Brando's later films but unanchored, floating, like the image of Kurtz in the jungle or Corleone in the hallowed gloom of his study.’
    • ‘They spoke quietly of how they wanted to go someday, to move about, free and unanchored, not toward something but away from something.’
    • ‘A number of us critiqued the fantasy of unanchored choice in poetry, and in the marketplace.’
    • ‘The Man Without a Past is a fable about strange, unanchored people, negotiating the rickety but promising world around them.’
    • ‘This unanchored feeling is exaggerated by the way the picture is cropped.’
    • ‘Everything that would make us care about it - the characters and their facts, for example - flutter off unanchored like abandoned kites.’
    • ‘I was becoming unanchored from reality, alternating between being shut morosely in my room and wild, anarchic sociability.’
    drifting, unmoored
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