Definition of unanalyzed in English:


(British unanalysed)


  • Not revealed, explained, or interpreted through methodical examination.

    • ‘Being a good American means knowing therapyspeak, respecting yourself, never allowing a situation to go unanalysed and - guess what - being really dull to be around.’
    • ‘Whatever names are used, though, are probably going to be internalized by regular shuttle bus riders as typical unanalyzed proper names.’
    • ‘What it does entail, however, is the methodological point that doctrinal deviation from tradition should not originate from some unanalyzed conviction about what ‘modem people’ can or can no longer believe in.’
    • ‘I assume this has always been the case, but it seems the past decade has brought with it a shift in ethos, where no element of how you live your life can be left unanalysed.’
    • ‘Words are no longer unanalysed wholes, but are assigned an internal structure.’
    • ‘Later writers sought to examine Dubos's unanalysed notion of pleasure, and the respective roles of thought and feeling, or reason and sentiment, in the experience, appreciation, and judgement of art.’
    • ‘Given the amount of information that he has to consume daily to produce The Note, he has synchronized his ‘biological rhythms with the news cycle, so that information is not lying out there unanalyzed for too long.’’
    • ‘In Lethem's constant rehashing of the superhero theme, one thing left unanalysed is the real significance of the DC and Marvel phenomenon.’
    • ‘But a fairly uncontroversial example can be found in his use of supposition to examine the structure of certain complex terms that would remain unanalyzed on the traditional account of syllogistic inferences.’
    • ‘Even if a feminist philosopher has a long-term goal of minimizing the importance of gender, there is a risk of leaving too much unanalyzed if one leaps immediately from male-biased philosophy to gender-neutral philosophy.’
    • ‘Budget cuts also have affected the Earth Radiation Budget Satellite, leaving unanalyzed a large share of data it collected between 2000 and 2004, they said.’
    • ‘In this same interview, Andre analyzes the politics of Minimalism: ‘My art will reflect not necessarily conscious politics but the unanalyzed politics of my life.’’
    • ‘It's about how they are in their wide, unanalyzed, in-between moments.’
    • ‘At the expressive level, responses are unanalyzed expressions or feelings, which, in themselves, do not constitute any kind of justification or reason for the response.’
    • ‘For in our account the notion of law-like connection is taken as a largely unanalysed primitive.’
    • ‘The change in these interactions could be a fruitful place for discussing masculinity but is left largely unanalyzed.’
    • ‘Events are decontextualised - taken from their position as consequences of previous actions - and left unanalysed so that audiences do not have the information to place the event within its historical circumstances.’
    • ‘Now, all that has changed, but the origins and meaning of this change - and its relationship to other dimensions of the ‘neurological turn’ in our society - remains largely unanalyzed.’
    • ‘Events in the southern states of America should not go unanalysed.’
    • ‘Operations performed to measure local time and local length are accepted as unanalysed operations in both classical physics and relativity physics.’