Definition of unalleviated in US English:



  • Not alleviated; relentless.

    ‘a time of unalleviated misery’
    • ‘Do you have any idea what it is like to be in constant, unalleviated pain?’
    • ‘But her vocals, even on talking-blues songs like ‘Sweet Side’ and ‘Righteously’, reveal a woman living through all the messy frustration and unalleviated desire she's singing about.’
    • ‘And for the most part societies and, indeed, entire cultures have disapproved of that kind of story which offers an unalleviated picture of human forsakenness.’
    • ‘In one study, 80% of general surgical adult patients reported satisfaction, yet 25% reported moderate, severe, or unbearable unalleviated pain.’
    • ‘He roared in unalleviated pain as his whole form when from pure silver to white, then to gray, before finally fading away into nothing, the thing's roar slowly gurgling out as it did.’