Definition of unalarmed in US English:



  • 1Not anxious or concerned.

    ‘they are remarkably uncomplaining and unalarmed’
    ‘he is unalarmed by the periodic press frenzies’
    • ‘The man's a few blocks back and not walking at any faster a pace than the boy, so, unalarmed, he keeps the same pace.’
    • ‘It calmed me so much so that I was totally unalarmed when I saw a large black spider go scuttling by along the wainscotting.’
    • ‘Leaders seem unalarmed by the lack of resolution in the presidential election.’
    • ‘Unalarmed as yet by my proximity the pair is nevertheless fully aware of it.’
    • ‘Walden is unalarmed to find him there, but within a few minutes, he starts having chest pains.’
    • ‘But these are people unalarmed by the old hip-high railing, not prone to vertigo.’
    • ‘Before the rupee's fall accelerated in the past few days, analysts had appeared unalarmed by the rupee's decline and were expecting a recovery.’
    • ‘I pass them unalarmed.’
  • 2Not fitted with an alarm.

    ‘an unalarmed fire exit door’
    • ‘One of the great hoards of coins and currency on the planet, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, was utterly unalarmed during the trip to its fortresslike new vault a mile to the north.’
    • ‘A place that I did contract work for had all their laptops stolen through an unalarmed window despite all the doors being watched.’
    • ‘That night his only obstacle was the unalarmed safe itself.’
    • ‘Should the building be left unlocked and unalarmed, the organization will forfeit their deposit and must re-apply for use.’
    • ‘She left her second floor room and exited the hallway through an unalarmed stairwell door at the nursing home.’
    • ‘With my alarm, we have it set so at night there is an unalarmed 'pathway' down the stairs to the kitchen.’
    • ‘Protective counter-measures include closed-circuit video monitoring or other safeguards that mitigate the vulnerability of unalarmed storage areas.’