Definition of unaired in US English:



  • 1Not exposed to the open air for ventilation.

  • 2Not previously broadcast.

    ‘the original unaired pilot episode’
    • ‘Other features are a few unaired scenes in their rough form, and two featurettes - one on the First Lady character, and another on speechwriters in real life and in the show.’
    • ‘Not only do they preserve the mixed-up sequence of the original CBS broadcast, but they dump the four episodes that were unaired during the show's original run at the end of the set.’
    • ‘‘Sisco ‘has been canceled and it's unlikely any of the remaining three unaired episodes will ever air.’’
    • ‘The two bonus tracks (which were unaired on the original broadcast) of new cuts just aren't up to snuff.’
    • ‘As far as extras go, there are none, not even the well-known unaired pilot episode.’
    • ‘An unaired pilot episode, made in 1992, was written by Tony Sheehan, produced by Allan McKeown, directed by James Burrows and starred the British actor Trevor Eve.’
    • ‘Also, the US DVD of the first season will be out in three weeks, and will contain LOTS of extras, including the original unaired pilot, commentaries, a lot of deleted scenes, etc.’
    • ‘Included in this set is the original unaired pilot, which features brunette Liberty Williams and Bruce Kimmel playing the witchy siblings in a completely different setting with starkly contrasting dilemmas.’
    • ‘This series pilot was rejected by the network and remained unaired until the very end of the show's run.’
    • ‘Finally, you get the unaired pilot episode, notable only because it features some clown named John Posey as Danny Tanner, prior to Bob Saget's accepting the role.’
    • ‘I think there are unaired episodes, which they'll probably show.’
    • ‘The episode includes one of the funniest gags of the entire series - that was unaired even in this episode's solitary airing on ABC.’
    • ‘They begin with the original unaired pilot episode, which features additional expository scenes with the Tanner family before Alf's ship crashed.’
    • ‘The first is the unaired pilot episode of The Greatest American Heroine.’
    • ‘Previously unaired episodes of the British cult hit Absolutely Fabulous are expected to premiere on Comedy Central in December, seven years after the original series was canceled.’
    • ‘A little more on the disappointing side are two unaired episodes.’
    • ‘The filmed evidence is the footage that was taken from the unaired pilot.’
    • ‘Have any of you heard of an unaired American tv show called Heat Vision and Jack (starring Jack Black)?’
    • ‘TNT also owns 11 unaired episodes of the Wall Street drama Bull.’
    • ‘Ferguson defended his performances, claiming that while most new chat show hosts have up to three months of unaired rehearsals he had been given only a couple of days to prepare.’
    damp, musty, chilly, clammy, wet, moist, moisture-laden, humid
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