Definition of unadvertised in US English:



  • Existing or taking place without being made public.

    ‘unadvertised meetings’
    • ‘There have been 46 instances of damage to property, 94 publicly advertised demonstrations and 164 demonstrations that were unadvertised.’
    • ‘It wasn't, strictly speaking, a gazpacho, as the peppers were cooked, but a wonderful chilled starter and an inspired marriage with the crab, avocado and unadvertised prawns.’
    • ‘He is for the most part anonymous and unadvertised, but he is responsible for by far the greater part of the achievements sometimes loudly claimed by others.’
    • ‘I meant to convey not just his strange, slow but charismatic drawl but also his character - unsentimental, tough to the point of roguishness with an unadvertised, indeed sometimes concealed heart of gold.’
    • ‘Shoppers who rush to your store to take advantage of wonderfully advertised manufacturers' specials should be greeted with an unadvertised special predetermined by you.’
    • ‘The firm began manufacturing fruit pastilles, and they were sold loose and unadvertised in 4lb wooden boxes for a penny an ounce.’
    • ‘There are two debates in total - the first one was almost entirely unadvertised, and almost entirely unattended.’
    • ‘They can be the first to discover a product sitting quietly, unadvertised, on a specialty retail shelf, or can decide to play with a mini-skateboard keychain or milk cap, and turn it into a runaway hit.’
    • ‘As well as allowing applicants to apply for public service jobs online, the interactive website will also allow people to register interest in unadvertised positions, about which they will receive ongoing e-mail notifications.’
    • ‘Incidentally, they did put on a couple of unadvertised trains to Victoria after the game, but none going back to Dartford.’
    • ‘Entry was available only through acquisition of unadvertised tickets sold or given away to select customers.’
    • ‘He claimed he was better qualified than O'Flaherty but was not considered for the unadvertised job because he was not a member of the ‘golden circle’.’
    • ‘You won't know the exact details of your flight until after you book, but you may get a cheaper, unadvertised fare.’
    • ‘In your case, there is something called a ‘private offerings’ exemption that applies to the unadvertised sale to a small number of people (35 or fewer.)’
    • ‘There's an unadvertised 8-ounce size, called ‘short’.’
    • ‘It is to be found in the homes of people who are nameless and unadvertised, and who, whatever their individual religious conviction, see in their children their greatest contribution to the immortality of the race.’
    • ‘The nearest thing to a building with public access at all is the Architectural Association, which has a small gallery, invisible and unadvertised from the street, behind a heavy door with buzzer access.’
    • ‘My vegetarian companion was slightly shocked and disappointed, however, to find four large pieces of meat adorning the top of her salad - unadvertised and unwanted.’
    • ‘Speakers at the opening included Lieutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum, student representative David Brokenshire and Premier Gordon Campbell, who made an unadvertised appearance.’
    • ‘One has to know about the discreet and unadvertised café opposite Exeter College in order to actually notice it.’