Definition of unaccountability in US English:



  • See unaccountable

    • ‘This is the first stage in becoming less the victims of government unaccountability and demanding the facts on what and where all taxation is spent.’
    • ‘When David took over as legal director of MI5 and MI6, part of his job was curbing the cult of secrecy and unaccountability in intelligence work, and putting the agencies' information-gathering on a proper legal footing.’
    • ‘And they have the added advantage of unaccountability - they don't have to live with the consequences of encouraging separatist claims.’
    • ‘But it has a ring of truth to me, mixing, as it does, ugliness with disorganization and a spiralling cycle of unaccountability.’
    • ‘Because of the mystery surrounding the unaccountability of funds - it tars everybody.’
    • ‘Do let it give you a bit of appreciation for what our thin blue line does for us every day, even if this department's less-than-stellar moments tend toward arrogant unaccountability.’