Definition of un-Islamic in US English:



  • Contrary to the tenets of Islam.

    • ‘Two weeks ago the Taliban occupied a Sufi shrine in Buner, accusing locals of using it for "un-Islamic" practices.’
    • ‘Violence in any form, in the name of Islam, is ' un-Islamic '.’
    • ‘Women bore the brunt of the militia's extremist ideologies, executed for anything deemed un-Islamic.’
    • ‘The extremist mullahs who ruled Afghanistan believed the sight of skies filled with small, paper kites was somehow un-Islamic.’
    • ‘Speakers commented that all the leading Islamic scholars declared the Ordinance " un-Islamic ".’
    • ‘A month-long crackdown on " un-Islamic behaviour ", focusing particularly on unmarried couples seen without a chaperone, was launched yesterday.’
    • ‘He added that people are not laying down their lives for any un-Islamic view.’
    • ‘Militant madrassa students kidnapped 12 persons, including nine Chinese, from a massage parlour in the Pakistani capital for " un-Islamic acts ".’
    • ‘This regime considered even classical dance to be un-Islamic, much less the kind of entertainment which the dancing girls provided.’
    • ‘The victims of the Taliban crusade against the "un-Islamic" practice of growing opium were the farmers.’
    • ‘Mr Ajeeb said honour killings were "very un-Islamic."’
    • ‘He said marriage was a matter of choice for today's Pakistani children, pointing out that forced marriage was un-Islamic.’
    • ‘He urged Muslims worldwide to ignore teachings by religious fundamentalists that scientific studies were " un-Islamic ".’
    • ‘In fact, Ayatollah Khamenei has said that possessing a nuclear weapon is an "un-Islamic" act.’
    • ‘The guerrillas are alleging that the secular process of American-sponsored elections will result in un-Islamic laws.’
    • ‘Clerics frown upon such actions, saying they are un-Islamic.’
    • ‘For years Muslim intellectuals have been unhappy about the way the militants are using the name of Islam to perpetrate very un-Islamic acts.’
    • ‘Yang adds that she does not see anything un-Islamic about the concept of women imams.’
    • ‘Islamic punishment of forty lashes is not meted out for such naked un-Islamic indulgence.’
    • ‘It deploys squads to stop public displays of "un-Islamic" behaviour among Afghan women.’