Definition of ultraconservative in US English:



  • Extremely conservative in politics or in the observance of religion.

    ‘an effort by an ultraconservative faction to limit believers' freedom to follow their consciences’
    • ‘Across the country, women are complaining of ultraconservative pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions, sometimes quizzing women on their marital status before making a decision.’
    • ‘It gave bipartisan cover not just to Hillary but to Santorum as well - legitimizing one of the Senate's ultraconservative standard-bearers.’
    • ‘Jazeera puts Egypt's feminist iconoclast Nawal Al Saadawi and the ultraconservative Sheik Yousef Al Badri on the same program and lets them go at each other.’
    • ‘Ahmanson is also a major sponsor of ultraconservative politicians, including California state legislator and 2003 gubernatorial candidate Tom McClintock.’
    • ‘All the Orthodox member churches are critical of the WCC, but some are milder in their criticisms than the Russian church, which has within it an ultraconservative faction.’
    • ‘I've lived for more than thirty years in the American Bible Belt, where the congressional delegation is ultraconservative in religion and politics, even by the standards of the Republican party and the Baptist church.’
    • ‘I had a vague stereotypical image in my mind of sombre, ultraconservative people in horse and buggy as I was accustomed to seeing in St Jacobs County of Ontariovisible minorities are always more apparent even in multicultural Canada.’
    • ‘Scouts last season believed Hackett's ultraconservative approach limited Chad Pennington's progress.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Steele can't find a job in ultraconservative Richmond, Virginia, she says.’
    • ‘We can't take the decisions from the people and leave it in the hands of a few judges, moralists, atheists and the pious ultraconservative religious.’
    • ‘But any moderate secularist, including many Catholics, can only look with dismay at the ultraconservative bent of the Spanish Church and its political allies on the right.’
    • ‘And then we had Mayor Giuliani apparently at the same dinner with Joerg Haider, the head of the Austrian right-wing ultraconservative group.’
    • ‘In this ultraconservative state, a change at the top means that newer Republicans will replace older Republicans.’
    • ‘This ultraconservative attack protects Carr, but it limits Houston's potential to hang with any team with a decent offense.’
    • ‘Among the most confrontational figures were ultraconservative scholars, who occasionally threw down the gauntlet in public and denounced colleagues for lax or improper observance of the faith.’
    • ‘Today ultraconservative Catholics and Protestants have buried the old hatchets and are working together, touting the ‘sacredness’ of marriage.’
    • ‘Although not as well known as Atwood, Houllebecq has gained a significant following in his native France where he has the reputation as a major anti-liberal spokesman and darling of the ultraconservative right.’
    • ‘No one would have expected ultraconservative San Diego to be the cradle of a revolution against privatization.’
    • ‘He also wants to abolish the separation of church and state and turn government into an ultraconservative theocracy where only members of his religion are allowed to rule.’
    • ‘Richard Nixon loathed public broadcasting, and nominated the ultraconservative industrialist Joseph Coors to the CPB board.’


  • A person who is extremely conservative in politics or religion.

    ‘the literature of the well-organized ultraconservatives is more plentiful’
    • ‘A commitment to peace is certainly a Christian principle that even ultraconservatives would endorse, at least by worshipping the prince of peace.’
    • ‘In 2000, Bush said his favourite supreme court justices were the ultraconservatives, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.’
    • ‘While candidates whom CIBPAC's funders have sponsored still comprise a sixth of the current legislature, the Republicans twice lost the governorship by fielding ultraconservatives against Democrat Governor Gray Davis.’
    • ‘Their public personas as ultraconservatives were, instead, their personal overreactions born of self-loathing - as if to prevent anyone from suspecting their ‘unspeakable,’ opposite nature.’
    • ‘Yes, the ultraconservatives will insist that everything will be fine because you will be scanned by a person of the same sex.’
    • ‘Dole's top aide, Sheila Burke, quickly finds herself the target of abuse from ultraconservatives because of Dole's seeming moderate stance.’
    • ‘The group that had been holding service behind the nursing home got the buildings and some church funds, while the ultraconservatives got some cash and church heirlooms.’
    • ‘For ultraconservatives, his attacks on Christianity were less important than the anti-modern nature of his thinking: narrative of decay, contempt for modern institution, aristocratic nostalgia, etc.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, for someone whose activism has garnered her ‘most dangerous’ status in the eyes of many far-right politicians and organizations, Red Wing gives kudos to ultraconservatives, from whom she says we can learn a thing or two.’
    • ‘And neither are there "conservatives" and "ultraconservatives".’
    • ‘Why don't people at universities agree with ultra-conservatives?’
    • ‘Such solutions are thought to be unacceptable to the public and so controversial that ultraconservatives who might favor them do not air them.’
    • ‘And if the ultraconservatives who headed his Liberal Democratic Party dared to stand in his way, he pledged, he would take them down, too.’
    • ‘Grady Cothen noted, ‘We now had a group of ultraconservatives who were determined to adopt a creedal position that defined and limited the concept of being a Southern Baptist.’’
    • ‘There have been many ultraconservatives who have been dissatisfied that he has not been more outspoken on this issue.’
    • ‘He wrote Farmer, ‘I think his whole attitude is a gesture toward the ultraconservatives.’’
    • ‘Many ultraconservatives I've met in my travels applaud and celebrate the moral certainty given to them by their Catholicism.’