• as submodifier Very; extremely.

    ‘the play was not just boring, it was ultra boring’
    • ‘His vision for the new offices involved "an ultra modern, clinical and open-plan design".’
    • ‘One of the game's bonus attributes is the motion captured animation which provides lifelike movement and an ultra real tennis experience.’
    • ‘The mansion is ultra ritzy.’
    • ‘He makes an ultra cool villain.’
    • ‘The artwork itself is ultra detailed.’
    • ‘That clean white shirt tucked into black pants look is ultra chic here.’
    • ‘The vase itself is of an ultra simple design.’
    • ‘This motor is ultra quiet and since it is "brushless", it also lasts very well.’
    • ‘It's great having an ultra fast video card, but if your games look nasty, why bother?’
    • ‘I made an ultra cool video learning tutorial.’