Definition of ultimately in English:



  • 1Finally; in the end.

    ‘the largest firms may ultimately become unstoppable’
    • ‘So faced with an uncertain future, a part of which was ultimately death, my mind went into overdrive.’
    • ‘She hopes her gamble will pay off, that Edinburgh will be the start of a tour that may ultimately reach London's West End.’
    • ‘This eventually was proved in front of a jury and ultimately led to the cases being dismissal.’
    • ‘That illness was the beginning of the long decline that led ultimately to her death.’
    • ‘It will be yet another blow to Cheam and would ultimately tarnish the area and its image.’
    • ‘Two spins at Luffield would ultimately contribute to the Eclipse car eventually finishing down in sixth place.’
    • ‘I do not see how the plaintiff will be harmed by alleging now the facts on which he ultimately intends to rely.’
    • ‘Eventually, you will get better jobs and, ultimately, a bigger piece of the pie.’
    • ‘He is the part of us all that goes into the darkness, and finally ultimately achieves the goal.’
    • ‘Each chief executive of a health authority is ultimately responsible for all clinical activity in the area.’
    • ‘It is there, in birth, in sickness, in recovery, and ultimately in death that we can all find our common humanity.’
    • ‘The condition, which is currently incurable, ultimately leads to premature death.’
    • ‘It may culminate in chronic valvular disease and can lead to heart failure and ultimately death.’
    • ‘From then on the ideas planted in four parts of the area will take shape and ultimately take root.’
    • ‘In many instances, no provision was made for eventualities that ultimately did occur.’
    • ‘The reshuffle was intended to be a much simpler affair than it ultimately became.’
    • ‘Which way you finally bet will ultimately depend on how badly you can't afford to lose.’
    • ‘Combined with all the other factors limiting economic growth, this could lead ultimately to state failure.’
    • ‘He eventually became deputy head and ultimately headteacher of St Blaise School in Bierley.’
    • ‘He intended to renovate it as his private house, but ultimately decided to turn it into a small hotel.’
    eventually, in the end, in the long run, at length, finally, sooner or later, in time, in the fullness of time, after some time, in the final analysis, when all is said and done, one day, some day, sometime, at last, at long last
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    1. 1.1 At the most basic level.
      ‘ultimately he has only himself to blame’
      • ‘Sometimes the work involves talking to the people who will ultimately be snared by the team's investigations.’
      • ‘Also, due to the stiff competition for what is ultimately a very small pot of gold, not getting an award or funding is not the end of the road.’
      • ‘However, an ultimately depressing day had begun with a reminder of cricket's place in the grand scheme of things.’
      • ‘The pub firm recommended a cash offer and shareholders ultimately had no alternative other than to accept the bid.’
      • ‘Not exactly a balanced diet, but a more efficient and ultimately more satisfying use of the area.’
      • ‘Sea level and climate are ultimately linked, and their effects cannot always be separated.’
      • ‘This level of training is ultimately about intellectually learning less but refining yourself more.’
      • ‘Yesterday I was in a very dark, unhappy and, ultimately, self-destructive mood.’
      • ‘What ultimately makes a community is the level of connection felt between its members.’
      • ‘Thus it is that the rise of the network society has ultimately tamed and domesticated relations within firms.’
      • ‘It works on many different levels and ultimately it is goofy fun and that's classic Disney.’
      • ‘It's not his fault that ultimately he was asked to do a job for which he is not equipped, that of being an international rugby player.’
      • ‘If you have an underlying belief that things should be perfect you ultimately define whole systems by single failures.’
      • ‘Still, there's ultimately nothing funnier to me than a good joke.’
      • ‘There is ultimately no difference, since the basic point here is aiming toward their liberation from the six realms.’
      • ‘Lest we forget though - and it is often so easily done - it is ultimately, at its very core, still just a game.’
      • ‘It is not some video game, with spectacular special effects but ultimately no-one is hurt.’
      • ‘It is change at the societal level that will ultimately determine what our culture will be.’
      • ‘The middle class has ultimately disappeared and, as a result, the society has lost its political stability.’
      • ‘They are being carried out to ultimately improve the area for motorists and pedestrians alike.’
      fundamentally, basically, primarily, essentially, at heart, deep down
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