Definition of ulcerous in English:



  • Having or constituting an ulcer.

    ‘the parasites created ulcerous sores’
    • ‘The flies can carry an infection causing ulcerous sores which take months or even years to heal.’
    • ‘These ulcerous sores are large, deep and painful.’
    • ‘One is canker, referring to a gangrenous or ulcerous sore, usually in the mouth, and hence an area of diseased tissue, as in woody stems.’
    • ‘E. coli antigens were detected in ulcerous tissue and were suspected to be due to secondary infection in these lesions.’
    • ‘A lack of vitamin A will also cause keratitis which is an ulcerous inflammation and hardening of the cornea as well as other associated parts of the eye such as the conjunctiva.’
    suppurative, ulcerative, festering, cankerous, cankered
    aphthous, furunculous
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