Definition of uitlander in US English:



South African
  • 1A foreigner or outsider.

    • ‘The official rationale, for presentation to the British public, was that of protecting the rights of uitlanders in the Republics, but the real reason was the need to lay hands on the recently discovered Transvaal gold.’
    • ‘With his fresh, brushy style, Podeswa gives a bright and quirky view of the townships as seen by an uitlander.’
    1. 1.1historical A British immigrant living in the Transvaal who was denied citizenship by the Boers for cultural and economic reasons.
      • ‘Their ultimate aim is to seize Pretoria and remedy the grievances of the Uitlanders.’
      • ‘The pretext offered by the British in 1899 for going to war with the Boer Republic of the Transvaal was to protect the poor English or Uitlander population of the Transvaal, which was denied the vote by the Boers.’
      • ‘An attempt by Dr Jameson, a crony of Rhodes, to encourage a rising by the Uitlanders (the British in the Transvaal without political rights) failed in 1896.’
      • ‘The Boers saw the Uitlanders as a threat to their independence and introduced various measures that the Uitlanders considered to be discriminatory.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, the British government had been putting pressure on the Transvaal to deal with the ongoing grievances of the Uitlanders.’
      • ‘He writes in his book: ‘It would have been easy, Milner later confessed to his intimates, to patch things up with Kruger, and settle those difficulties with the Uitlanders in a Great Deal that could have lasted five, ten or fifteen years.’’


Afrikaans, from Dutch uit ‘out’ + land ‘land’.