Definition of tyrosinase in English:



  • A copper-containing enzyme that catalyzes the formation of quinones from phenols and polyphenols (e.g., melanin from tyrosine).

    • ‘Copper functions in many enzyme systems, such as lysyl oxidase, ceruloplasmin, cytochrome oxidase, tyrosinase, and Superoxide dismutase.’
    • ‘It is an incurable congenital condition, due in its total form to absence of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is required for melanin to be synthesized in specialized cells - the melanocytes.’
    • ‘The copper-containing enzyme tyrosinase catalyzes the rate-limiting step in melanogenesis.’
    • ‘However, during infection and damage phenols and oxidases, such as peroxidase and tyrosinase, become decompartmentalized and could oxidize phenolic compounds to form antimicrobial quinones.’
    • ‘In this issue, Boyle et all demonstrate that commercially available antibodies against tyrosinase and glycoprotein 100 can serve as excellent immunocytochemical tools for the diagnosis of melanoma in its different variants.’


Late 19th century: from tyrosine + -ase.