Definition of tyrannously in English:



  • See tyranny

    • ‘In truth thy Lord destroyed not the townships tyrannously while their folk were doing right.’
    • ‘The Wall Street Journal published the longest editorial in its history, asserting that the crisis was rooted in the moral sewer of the 1960s, and the tyrannously high marginal income-tax rates.’
    • ‘Both women, when given something to argue passionately, whether it's Elizabeth's adamancy about creating order in the world or Grace's plea that a culture not be tyrannously usurped, do so with vigor.’
    • ‘So it angers and saddens me terribly that our officials despotically ignore the rule of law and tyrannously usurp powers not rightfully theirs.’
    • ‘This is not news, but the trailer was tyrannously trapped inside the publisher's website.’