Definition of tyrannous in English:



  • See tyranny

    • ‘Statute is too often knee-jerk, headline-led populism with predictably tyrannous consequences for electorally irrelevant minorities.’
    • ‘The only opera written by Beethoven, it's the story of Leonore who cross-dresses as the male Fidelio to get a job at the prison where her husband, Florestan, has been unjustly imprisoned by the tyrannous governor Pizarro.’
    • ‘In modern America, private and corporate power, far more than the tyrannous reach of the state, was the major threat to political liberty.’
    • ‘There he encounters unruly workers, a tyrannous governor and finds love in the long-suffering daughter of the governor and finds the forces of nature more than he bargained for.’
    • ‘We are too passive in the face of a more and more intrusive and tyrannous government.’