Definition of tyrannicidal in US English:



  • See tyrannicide

    • ‘The tyrannicidal undertaking proves, however, to be more difficult than the young man imagined, also because the private Napoleon is far different from his reputation as a ruthless tyrant.’
    • ‘By celebrating his tyrannicidal, republic-loving ancestors, Brutus shows his agenda very clearly, and his assassination of Caesar on March 15th, 44BC should come as no surprise to anyone who had bothered to pay attention to the propaganda of his coinage.’
    • ‘This explains why Philip III welcomed the tyrannicidal De. rege as an advice book that represented his own virtue as a ruler.’
    • ‘I must have bit my lips not to reply that I suddenly felt a strong tyrannicidal urge.’
    • ‘Holstun analyzes how Felton in this poem ‘proclaims his tyrannicidal affiliations, maintaining nominal piety and obedience as a civil subject while asserting his status as a divinely sanctioned tyrannicide’.’