Definition of typo in English:



  • A typographical error.

    • ‘The new Examiner has been plagued by technical problems and embarrassing typos, including misspelling San Francisco and Wednesday on the front page.’
    • ‘If not, please don't be too critical of typos and mechanical errors.’
    • ‘‘As discussed on Saturday, I attach copies of those pages of the Trade Mark Agreement on which I have marked typos or other minor word changes’.’
    • ‘Please excuse all of the many typos and punctuation errors that I know you'll find in this chapter, because I rushed to finish it for you guys tonight.’
    • ‘As an editor, he has introduced new methods of move-checking and analysis-checking that have helped to almost eliminate move typos, diagram errors, and the like from recent books.’
    • ‘Coincidentally, the copy-edited manuscript showed up today and I now know of many typos and other errors that require fixing.’
    • ‘Now I can see a shoddy organization like mine making typos and grammatical errors, but you would think that with all the experts in the world to their disposal that our government wouldn't screw this up.’
    • ‘In a nice use of JavaScript, Bricolage lets you choose variables from a selection list, avoiding the possibility of typos and other errors.’
    • ‘Please excuse the typos and grammatical errors.’
    • ‘Even his e-mail sounded professional, no typos and no slang expressions that usually annoyed him in any formal correspondence.’
    • ‘On the publishing side of things, we noted quite a few typos and grammatical errors in the book, a sure sign that Tetra Mesa Publishing Section could probably use a couple of good copy editors and proof readers.’
    • ‘As for there being typos, yes there have been typos, but these errors have not detracted from the arguments or results, and the rule in this case was a victory for Mr. Devore.’
    • ‘Sadly, it was very badly written, and full of typos and errors.’
    • ‘However, a steady stream complaints from consumers, whose typos or use of similar names have landed them on link farms and impostor sites, also began with the activation of the services, said Dixon.’
    • ‘I'm apologizing ahead for typos n all other errors… I'll edit them sometime.’
    • ‘I automatically check everything I see for spelling errors or typos.’
    • ‘His narrative is polished and flows along beautifully, vis-à-vis some of the other royal servants' memoirs of the past twenty years, even those that were supposedly edited, with their ghastly choppiness and glaring typos.’
    • ‘Writing 6 pages a day is going to be hard enough to fit into my schedule without going back to edit every typo or syntax error.’
    • ‘Read it over well; check for spelling errors, typos, tense consistency, relevant skills and flow of information.’
    • ‘Josh stared at the last line he had typed for a few seconds and then he realized what looked so wrong with what it said, not a spelling error or typo, no, he had said he would tell her his name.’
    • ‘After that, the same editor or another editor should proofread the manuscript and correct typos, grammatical errors and misspelled words.’
    • ‘Today I intend to be as lazy as possible, right down to not correcting typos or spelling mistakes I as I compose blog posts.’
    • ‘Forgive the typos and/or grammatical mistakes.’
    • ‘I just wrote this during my lunch hour, so be kind to the typos and grammatical errors, this is unedited work at its freshest’
    • ‘I agree this is not simply a spelling error or typo.’
    • ‘The new Belgian electronic ID card contains typos introduced purposely to confound potential fraudsters.’
    • ‘A report presented at last weeks Borough Meeting, was described as " gobbledegook ", littered with typos, missing figures and bizarre asides between council officers.’
    • ‘Every time I read it I notice some error or clumsy language or typo or something.’
    • ‘As always, please inform me of any errors or typos!’


Early 19th century: abbreviation.