Definition of typist in US English:



  • A person who is skilled in using a typewriter or computer keyboard, especially one who is employed for this purpose.

    • ‘This applies to schoolteachers, nurses, typists and clerks, anybody who's employed by the government, so it's not special to me, so I won't worry about it.’
    • ‘London's large companies and their well-paid upper echelons are going to be real happy to do that to spare their receptionists, post-room workers, clerks, typists, secretaries and epsilons in general the expense.’
    • ‘If that were really true, then the fact that no company employing large numbers of typists, and wishing to double their productivity while at the same time making their jobs much easier - surely a profitable move!’
    • ‘In typing, two-finger typists use the ‘hunt and peck’ method but skilled typists read the material in advance of the keystrokes.’
    • ‘Earlier this year an advertisement appeared in this paper seeking skilled typists to begin start up operations at a new industry in the industrial estate in Crossmolina.’
    • ‘Of the 163,000 civil servants, about 30,000 are general grade workers, such as clerks and typists, who fear the administration will cut their jobs to reduce expenses.’
    • ‘Examples of people at risk include data entry clerks or typists, assembly line workers or those whose work involves handling heavy objects.’
    • ‘The patient holds a job as a clerk typist in a federal government office. He is a smart man with a college education and the ability to speak three languages.’
    • ‘She started working in his office as a typist and when she was 21 began to study accountancy.’
    • ‘As I write, early Wednesday morning, the entire membership - the welfare and case workers, probation officers and clerk typists - is supposed to be walking off the job.’
    • ‘Being a skilled typist, she helped in the preparation of several of Russell's manuscripts, which provided further occasions for them to be alone together.’
    • ‘The army of typists, filing clerks, cashiers, accountants, storekeepers, and drivers had a low level of education, were inefficient, reluctant to take initiative, and imbued with an ethos of red tape and routinism.’
    • ‘A document from the National Justice Department said the alleged offenders involved clerks, prosecutors, assistant state attorneys, legal administration officers and typists.’
    • ‘Dr. Tom Moffatt, T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, said he was delighted a company is now seeking skilled typists to begin start-up operations for a project in Crossmolina.’
    • ‘For many years he employed both his first and his second wives as typists in his office together - no doubt crediting any salary paid against arrears of alimony.’
    • ‘Some of them have careers as lawyers, doctors, teachers, and businesswomen, but most have behind-the-scenes positions or are clerks, typists, and cashiers.’
    • ‘We had it written by one of the typists or secretaries in the office who didn't have any thoughts of becoming a writer.’
    • ‘But under NEP many of the more hardened Bolsheviks found that their rough-and-ready methods were no longer appreciated by party organizers who now worked in neat offices with neat typists and neat rows of rubber stamps.’
    • ‘The firm's New York City office has approximately a hundred and fifty employees - attorneys, paralegals, administrative staff, typists, secretaries and receptionists.’
    • ‘In 1910, 38 percent of bookkeepers, 85 percent of stenographers and typists, and 18 percent of clerks were women.’
    assistant, personal assistant, pa, administrator, clerk, clerical assistant, amanuensis, girl friday, man friday
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