Definition of type metal in US English:

type metal


  • An alloy of lead, tin, and antimony, used for casting type.

    • ‘Among the uses of zinc alloys are automobile parts, roofing, gutters, batteries, organ pipes, electrical fuses, type metal, household utensils, and building materials.’
    • ‘Throughout history, lead has been used for many important applications, including water and sewer pipes, cable coverings, type metal, paints, food and tobacco wrappings, and gasoline additives.’
    • ‘A mold was made from the handset type, and type metal was cast into this mold.’
    • ‘For example, when used as an alloy in type metal, it expands to fill all the corners of a mold, forming clean, crisp letters, numbers, and symbols.’
    • ‘Other important applications include counterweights, battery clamps and other cast products such as: bearings, ballast, gaskets, type metal, terneplate, and foil.’