Definition of type locality in US English:

type locality


  • 1Botany Zoology
    The place in which a type specimen was found.

    • ‘Later workers designated additional fragmentary sauropod bones as topotypes that had been collected in the vicinity of the type locality.’
    • ‘With this specimen, the geographic distribution extends beyond the type locality of D. maior in Vergano (Palencia).’
    • ‘Eocene, Miocene, and Pliocene sediments are found on Peninsula Arauco, the area of the type locality, and no new material has been found.’
    • ‘To test this hypothesis in the two fossil species, I measured eight aspects of 60 astragali from UCMP locality 1100, the type locality of S. nevadanus.’
    • ‘Although the material on which the species is based is very poor, additional material collected from nearby the type locality and in other areas in Patagonia allows positive identification of Ihering's taxa.’
  • 2Geology
    A place where deposits regarded as defining the characteristics of a particular geological formation or period occur.

    • ‘Although the type of mineralization found within an island arc varies according to its age, the characteristic class of ores are syngenetic massive sulphides, the so-called Kuroko ores named after their type locality in Japan.’
    • ‘As mentioned, the Elko Hills strike is apparently the type locality for exogenic fulgurites in addition to being an exemplary occurrence of soil-gravel fulgurite tubes.’
    • ‘The beds that crop out al Ouray, Colorado, comprise the type locality for the Ouray Limestone.’
    • ‘The Dalradian of NE Scotland is a discrete lithotectonic unit and the type locality for Buchan-type high-T, low-P regional metamorphism.’
    • ‘The deposit is also the type locality for two rare mineral species: balipholite, a barium magnesium lithium aluminum silicate hydroxide fluoride, and hsianghualite, a lithium calcium beryllium silicate fluoride.’