Definition of tychism in US English:



  • The doctrine that account must be taken of the element of chance in reasoning or explanation of the universe.

    • ‘Addressing this paradox, Robert Caserio employs the concept of ‘tychism’ (from the Greek tyche, meaning law of chance) to shed light on the novel and on major intellectual movements in England in the first half of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘This collection focuses primarily on Peirce's realism, pragmatism, and theism, with attention to his tychism and synechism.’
    • ‘My paper gives an account of the development of Peirce's views on probability, and of the seminal role these views played both in his ethical grounding of logic, and in tychism, his doctrine of absolute chance.’
    • ‘The last essay demonstrates the results of applying tychism and exchangeability to agricultural economics.’
    • ‘Turning to a more specific relationship between Peirce and Aristotle regarding this issue, the mature view of Peirce comprises two fundamental doctrines of tychism and synechism.’


Late 19th century: from Greek tukhē ‘chance’ + -ism.