Definition of two fingers in US English:

two fingers

plural noun

  • ‘so you give them the appreciative look that their appearance is demanding, and what you get is two fingers’
    another term for V-sign (sense 2 of the noun)
    figurative ‘I dearly wanted to give two fingers to it all’
    • ‘Can it be true that he's now planning to go back to Majorca for New Year next year just to stick two fingers up to the press?’
    • ‘Quaid knew that if he gave two fingers to the fans they would only sing louder.’
    • ‘Wasn't punk meant to be about a feeling, two fingers at the music industry?’
    • ‘This isn't a newfound passion for politics, but a cheeky two fingers to everything.’
    • ‘Its irreverent features on art, music and travel stick two fingers up at its more staid counterparts.’
    • ‘As it has turned out, voting BNP has become a way of giving two fingers to the establishment.’
    • ‘It was the opportunity to stick two fingers up to nature that won the argument.’
    • ‘Punk was the perfect antidote to the 1977 jubilee, because it stuck two fingers up to the establishment.’
    • ‘It was all meant to be two fingers in the face of the image-obsessed, profit-mad record industry.’
    • ‘Have I blown the whistle on a cunning little ploy to stick two fingers up to The Man?’
    • ‘He is sticking two fingers up at authority, proclaiming his freedom with an act of aerosol defiance.’
    • ‘People used to say that we put two fingers up to the idea of traditional theatre and I loved that.’
    • ‘The boys are right scallies, sticking two fingers up to authority and getting into every scam going.’
    • ‘Many of those at home felt he had given them two fingers and promptly raised theirs in return.’
    • ‘Some applicants are putting two fingers up to the council and we can't let them get away with it.’
    • ‘It was a major two fingers up to everyone living here that wasn't born here.’
    • ‘Actually, it's the BBC that should have put two fingers up to the government.’
    • ‘And a week or two later he could meet the same horse and give him the two fingers.’
    • ‘If you say anything to them, the cyclist either ignores you or you get a mouthful of abuse or two fingers put up.’
    • ‘It would seem that any out-of-work or lowly paid driver can put two fingers up to authority with impunity.’


two fingers

/tu ˈfɪŋɡərz/