Definition of two-wheel drive in US English:

two-wheel drive


  • A transmission system in a motor vehicle, providing power to either the front or the rear wheels only.

    • ‘On a simple two-wheel drive car, traction control selects the wheel with the most grip in a loss-of-grip situation and gives it more power.’
    • ‘The £19,995 Sport all-wheel-drive also carries more than £3,000 worth of extras, so it can pay to compare this with the £17,995 TS two-wheel drive estate automatic.’
    • ‘The Chevrolet Triax concept could be equipped with: all-wheel-drive electric, all-wheel-drive hybrid electric, or two-wheel drive internal combustion.’
    • ‘With Dealer Team Suzuki he'll compete against other two-wheel drive cars from a number of other manufacturers including MG, Ford, Citroen, Fiat and Vauxhall in his home series.’
    • ‘Admittedly I'm used to two-wheel drive buggies on dirt, which spend most of their time spinning the back wheels and sliding around, but this on-road car is a totally different experience.’
    • ‘The Outlander is available in two trim levels, LS and XLS, and in two-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive versions.’
    • ‘The TrailBlazer SS is available in two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations.’
    • ‘The 4Runner Sport Edition ranges from $29, 800 with two-wheel drive to a $36, 135 fully-loaded four-wheel-drive model.’
    • ‘All of them come in automatic four-speed ECT transmission, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions.’
    • ‘The two-wheel drive cars taking part have to be made before the year 1971, while the four wheel drives must be made before 1961.’
    • ‘The Equinox is available in either a two-wheel drive or on-demand all-wheel-drive.’
    • ‘The Aquada is a two-wheel drive which uses unleaded petrol and has an engine of 175 hp.’
    • ‘The powershift transmission also offers upshift and automatic four-wheel-drive braking when in two-wheel drive.’
    • ‘And when that doesn't work, get the two-wheel drive, buy four good snow tires and drive carefully.’
    • ‘They were either two-wheel drive vehicles that couldn't cope off-road or ugly-as-sin truck-saloon crossovers that you wouldn't want to take anywhere (at least not in daylight).’
    • ‘The vehicle is in two-wheel drive unless the driver manually selects either high- or low-ratio.’
    • ‘Although many of the big sellers in this segment look like 4x4s, many Irish buyers opt for the cheaper two-wheel drive versions.’
    • ‘On the other hand, large two-wheel drive vehicles consume less than 10 liters during the same tests.’
    • ‘When the Quattro four-wheel drive system is fitted, the A6 gets a different form of suspension from the standard two-wheel drive cars, particularly at the rear.’
    • ‘Villages are often cut off and even main road links to the hospital become hazardous and at times impassable in our two-wheel drive ambulances.’