Definition of two-time in English:



[WITH OBJECT]informal
  • Deceive or be unfaithful to (a lover or spouse)

    ‘he was two-timing a fiancée back in England’
    • ‘The season's bad boy is a heart-stealing student rock musician who two-timed Jen but is somehow still allowed to hang out with the gang.’
    • ‘Well they started fighting because Fra found out that Jason had two-timed me with umm this girl I don't really like.’
    • ‘Every lady I ever went with two-timed me.’
    • ‘She looked like she'd as soon put a knife in you as not if you two-timed her.’
    • ‘If you think your spouse is two-timing you, you're probably right, says a detective who specializes in matrimonial work.’
    • ‘He could be in hot water with his missus over published reports that he two-timed her with a porn star at a wild bachelor party.’
    • ‘But what about when you two-timed him years ago.’
    • ‘A jealous woman whose fiancé was two-timing her from his prison cell took her revenge by running over her love rival twice.’
    • ‘It is true that Bridget Jones is particularly neurotic in her quest to snare a partner, but at least she ditches the rat who two-times her, showing that she does have some sense of self-esteem.’
    • ‘She used to go out with him before he two-timed her.’
    • ‘The chiropractor, who didn't appear to notice he was being two-timed by his date, was the only one other than Sam who still had an appetite.’
    deceitful, underhanded, dishonest, dishonourable, disreputable, unethical, unprincipled, immoral, unscrupulous, fraudulent, cheating, dubious, dirty, unfair, treacherous, duplicitous, double-dealing, below the belt, two-timing, two-faced, janus-faced, unsporting, unsportsmanlike
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  • [attributive] Denoting someone who has done or experienced something twice.

    ‘a two-time winner of the event’
    • ‘Wisconsin's two-time captain carved quite a career for himself after suffering a broken leg in his final season of minor junior hockey.’
    • ‘McGraw is a Pulitzer Prize winner and two-time Polk award winner.’
    • ‘The Clan men's team is the three-time defending champs while the women's team are two-time defending champs.’
    • ‘Long ago, Linus Pauling, Ph.D. a two-time Nobel Prize winner, pointed out that gum disease is actually a form of scurvy.’
    • ‘Coulthard is a two-time winner of the British Grand Prix’
    • ‘Even as the two-time winner of the prestigious Booker Prize, Coetzee didn't show up for the honors.’
    • ‘Marlin, a two-time Daytona 500 winner, says Ganassi is being modest about his role and impact on the team.’
    • ‘Although he has a quiet and humble demeanor, the two-time Volunteer captain has a fierce competitive streak and leads by example.’
    • ‘She is a two-time Tony winner, and a wonderful actress and singer.’
    • ‘The two-time winner has had a bizarre tournament.’
    • ‘He can be excused for feeling that way as he was not the only one trying to work out what had changed the team from two-time losers to sudden winners.’
    • ‘Williams has joined the ranks of two-time winners’
    • ‘Atlanta's two-time Cy Young winner has been the backbone of the Braves' lengthy but ultimately unsatisfying dynasty.’
    • ‘A brief statement confirmed that the two-time Oscar winner had been told he had the disease but since the cancer was caught at a very early stage, it is likely to respond to treatment.’
    • ‘The talented youngsters are two-time Dolphin Award winners in the youth category, and they promise to deliver a night of great music.’
    • ‘It is always great to have the two-time Oscar winner with us.’
    • ‘There aren't too many two-time winners in its 44 year history, so Gavin has achieved something notable.’
    • ‘The two-times Canadian National champion, seeded eight, went down 10-8 9-6 9-1 to Egypt's unseeded Eman El Amir.’
    • ‘He is the son of two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Al Unser Jr.’
    • ‘The two-time Oscar winner flew to Italy for both events.’



/ˈto͞o ˌtīm/