Definition of two-dimensionally in US English:



  • See two-dimensional

    • ‘But there is no denying that there is a certain charm to going back to the flat worlds of old and once again think two-dimensionally.’
    • ‘She is figured two-dimensionally as the damsel in distress awaiting her hero's courageous rescue.’
    • ‘Younger artists looked for ways of either avoiding painting or, if operating two-dimensionally, of subverting it.’
    • ‘Part painting, part relief, the 14 tile works, of varying dimensions, were a departure for an artist who is best known as a sculptor, although she has also worked two-dimensionally in recent years.’
    • ‘When designing their gardens, most amateur landscapers direct their focus down, thinking two-dimensionally (width and depth) without taking into consideration that most plants grow - up!’