Definition of two-dimensionality in US English:



  • See two-dimensional

    • ‘He painted naturalistic works with elements of Cézanne's dashed surfaces, before adopting an expressive two-dimensionality before the First World War.’
    • ‘In fact, the narrow strips that he placed next to each other were parallel and undeviating in their two-dimensionality.’
    • ‘They hit the ball so much harder and better than you can imagine - or than television's flat two-dimensionality can convey - that you will never again make the mistake of dismissing golf as ‘not a sport.’’
    • ‘The two-dimensionality of ‘manga’ often results in an overall patterning and flattening of colors and shapes, which, according to Murakami, ‘provides a parallel space in which to escape from the pressures of society.’’
    • ‘But the power of his performance only underlines the two-dimensionality of the part as it lies in the text.’