Definition of two-cycle in US English:



  • another term for two-stroke
    • ‘It is time that all boaters understood that this is not a fight about fishing, PWC or two-cycle engines.’
    • ‘Karl put the finishing touches on the carburetor for the two-cycle engine he was rebuilding, placed it in its color-coded box, and filed the box in one of the shelves along the Shop's rear wall.’
    • ‘They can also stir up stream sediment, and their two-cycle engines emit high levels of air and water pollution - and lots of noise.’
    • ‘In addition to the blessing, all those who come receive a logger's breakfast, an evergreen seedling to plant, and a container of two-cycle engine oil.’
    • ‘They may feel that mechanized trail use is inappropriate and are angered by the inefficient two-cycle engine noise and exhaust.’