Definition of twitch grass in US English:

twitch grass


  • another term for couch
    • ‘Grasses include pasture, and a wide assortment of grass hays including: Bermuda grass, timothy, orchard grass, brome grass, orchard grass, fescue, prairie grass and twitch grass just to name a few of the many grasses that make excellent horse hays.’
    • ‘Often referred to as couch or twitch grass, quackgrass has a very broad blade and is difficult to control without killing the rest of the lawn.’
    • ‘If your garden is not very big, practically the only way to eradicate twitch grass is to cover the whole area with a light-excluding cover, be it black plastic, thick layers of newspapers or old carpeting.’
    • ‘Couch, scutch or twitch grass looks like just a tuft of any grass, but underneath the ground the roots spread quickly to colonise borders.’
    • ‘The buckwheat would rid the field of twitch grass for a few years.’


Late 16th century: twitch, alteration of quitch.