Definition of twisty in US English:


adjectivetwistier, twistiest

  • Not arranged or moving in a straight line; winding.

    ‘a twisty country road’
    • ‘I got to the top and found that what Jackson was scared of was this long twisty slide you had to take to get down to the ground again.’
    • ‘Either way, I just don't like driving at high speeds along twisty mountain roads.’
    • ‘Thanks to this, the car remains flat and stable during cornering, even in a series of twisty bends.’
    • ‘Origami is very easy when you know what to do, but if you take the sculpture apart, it is very twisty and bendy and odd on the inside.’
    • ‘This line from the movie perfectly sums up the twisty, fascinating premise of this very absorbing movie.’
    winding, windy, twisting, turning, full of twists and turns, bending, bendy, zigzag, zigzagging, meandering, curving, sinuous, snaking, snaky, tortuous
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