Definition of twisted pair in US English:

twisted pair


  • A cable consisting of two wires twisted around each other, used especially for telephone or computer applications.

    • ‘As long as you have a choice, buy the twisted pair cables.’
    • ‘It is composed of a twisted pair of 20 gauge stranded, stainless steel conductors covered with black insulation.’
    • ‘The standard in commercial installations and in new homes where data applications are likely to be found is a jacketed, unshielded cable that contains four twisted pairs.’
    • ‘Either you rip up your walls, and run Cat5e unshielded twisted pair cables, or use your existing phone lines, AC power, or add in wireless.’
    • ‘The wiring in our house is connected to a local exchange carrier's central office via a twisted pair.’


twisted pair

/ˈtwistid pe(ə)r/