Definition of twisted-stalk in US English:



  • A plant of the lily family with bell-shaped flowers carried on bent or twisted stalks, native to the temperate regions of Russia and North America.

    Genus Streptopus, family Liliaceae: several species, including the rosy twisted-stalk (S. roseus), which grows in the coastal mountain regions from British Columbia to Oregon

    • ‘Look for rose twisted-stalk in cool, shady places under deciduous trees such as maple, basswood, birch, and aspen.’
    • ‘The main stems of the twisted-stalks, as the name implies, also have this zigzag appearance.’
    • ‘The red berries of the twisted-stalk also hang very distinctly beneath the leaves at the end of the same twisted-stalk.’
    • ‘The fruit of twisted-stalk is edible, raw or cooked in soups and stews.’
    • ‘The rose twisted-stalk can be distinguished by its often branched stem, leaves fringed with short, straight hairs (ciliate margins), and small pink flowers borne in the leaf axils.’