Definition of twist tie in US English:

twist tie


  • A small piece of paper- or plastic-covered wire, to be twisted around the neck of a plastic bag as a closure.

    • ‘The owners had thoughtfully provided a variety of toys and homemade play items for the bird, securing some to the side of the cage with wire twist ties.’
    • ‘Suspended from the ceiling by an invisible monofilament was another work, a light and lovely disposable chandelier made out of twist ties, the ultimate summer camp project.’
    • ‘Streamer tags are plastic tags about the size of twist ties with unique numbers that are attached to the meat of the lobster between the carapace of the body and the tail.’
    • ‘Support the cane of your selected rose by staking it with a bamboo stake and some rose or twist ties.’
    • ‘Fasten small brown paper bags carefully to the stems with twist ties and staple the bottoms closed if necessary.’
    • ‘Put your organic garbage in a plastic shopping bag, tied with a twist tie, in the freezer, or the fridge if you don't have space in the freezer.’
    • ‘Pack into molds or crocks, or roll like a jelly roll in a piece of plastic wrap and place a twist tie on both ends.’
    • ‘I quickly undid the twist tie holding the plug wire together and shoved the plug into the wall, sending life-giving electricity to my newest electronic pal.’
    • ‘While I am about it, here's a tip for today: try reserving the plastic and wire twist ties that come with everything from new electrical goods to fruit packaging - they make great plant ties around the garden.’
    • ‘Simply gather small bunches of flowers over the summer, loosely bind a few stems together with plastic twist ties, and hang them upside down to dry somewhere out of the way.’
    • ‘My 6-month old cat, Billie, loves to play with any little items that I leave on the table - a chapstick, an audio cassette, a twist tie.’
    • ‘You made yourself a ring out of a twist tie, and held his hand everywhere you went.’
    • ‘The twist ties were made of thin metal wire with a paper covering, and they rusted through after a few weeks.’
    • ‘A less messy option is cotton balls in metal caps with twist ties to hold them to the tape.’
    • ‘Nearly two dozen employees and relatives sealed computers in garbage bags with twist ties.’
    • ‘I'll buy stuff to make the Halloween costume so I don't have to make one out of tin foil and twist ties.’
    • ‘Then she pokes four holes on the nonzipper end and ties the bottoms of the bags together with twist ties to form a ‘book, ‘in which each page is a separate bag.’’
    • ‘Coil up the wrapped cord and secure it with a twist tie.’
    • ‘Just fold a few 4-inch squares of aluminum foil that have been smeared with peanut butter over the fence wire, or use commercially made metal pans with cotton pads and twist ties.’
    • ‘You spray-paint pasta bows red, then hot-glue string or twist ties onto the back and attach to the tree.’