Definition of twist in the wind in US English:

twist in the wind


  • Be left in a state of suspense or uncertainty.

    • ‘Job candidates are left twisting in the wind, overqualified for the positions that are available, and unable to find leadership positions where they can effect the real changes necessary to protect stakeholders' interests.’
    • ‘What they made of the script was just plain bad, and that left good actors twisting in the wind.’
    • ‘The court case that had been planned to start in April 2004 was abandoned, leaving the parents concerned twisting in the wind.’
    • ‘There is no such thing as a plot - just five linear lives twisting in the wind.’
    • ‘By not instructing on this matter Stevenson, for his own artistic purposes, leaves us, like Jopp, twisting in the wind.’
    • ‘Then along came foot and mouth - and people deserted the countryside in their droves, leaving many rural businesses that rely on tourism to twist in the wind.’
    • ‘During all this, the victim's families have been left twisting in the wind, denied anything close to the truth they will need in order to begin the process of closure.’
    • ‘There were certain projects that I was right in the middle of and that I really hate to leave twisting in the wind.’
    • ‘Better to know for sure than to twist in the wind.’
    • ‘He was left to twist in the wind while the press glorified his editor for having some second thoughts about the explosive articles.’