Definition of twinset in US English:



  • A woman's matching cardigan and pullover sweater.

    • ‘That's why for every 50-year-old man in a ponytail and tight jeans, there's a 50-year-old woman in a Jaeger twinset a few paces behind, pretending she's not with him.’
    • ‘Around the table were aunts in twinsets and freshly scrubbed cousins.’
    • ‘Power-dressers in the 1980s added shoulder pads to their twinsets and the garment became the linchpin of conservative chic.’
    • ‘I longed for the psychological security of my Marks and Sparks' twinset.’
    • ‘Like, my dad was wearing a navy jumper with red and green argyle, and he tried on a red cardigan with navy and green argyle and I started laughing hysterically and saying ‘It's an argyle twinset!’’
    • ‘The collection also celebrates Pringle's 190th anniversary and the 70th birthday of the twinset - which both occur next year - by reviving classic designs.’
    • ‘Perhaps she cut a deal with some farmers, ‘Luv, if you can make this here cabbage sexy, we will keep you in bosom-hugging twinsets for life’.’
    • ‘But we'll keep them in twinsets for the actual episodes, so the women's magazines can keep selling that crap about how the ladylike look is in again.’
    • ‘Flip-flops, contrary to your apparent belief system, do not go with pencil skirts and sweater twinsets.’
    • ‘It's the standard twinset except black this time.’
    • ‘Since Pringle's birth in 1815 the company has been synonymous with innovation, creating first contemporary knitted underwear for soldiers and a whole host of styles such as the cardigan and the twinset.’
    • ‘Today, they have been chosen by the hired help: a jacquard twinset revealing an expanse of alabaster chest but not a hint of décolletage, plain black trousers and flip-flops.’
    • ‘Excruciatingly tight corsets, puffball skirts made of netting and tweedy twinsets minus the midriff have been some of the more extreme looks wowing fashion followers at the catwalk collections in Paris.’
    • ‘In fact, Pringle's cashmere knitwear and the twinset, patented by in-house designer Otto Weisz, had been staples of every glamorous Hollywood wardrobe.’
    • ‘She admits she was frumpish, in twinset and pearls, when she first met John.’
    • ‘I've got some creme and taupe checked trousers and a baby pink twinset plus the requisite pumps and I'll have to full hair and makeup.’
    • ‘Lana looked at the crows' feet at the corner of Nell's eyes, her dutifully middle-class twinset.’
    • ‘And for the lady boss who wants to give her power suit the day off, there was a lovely contrast-border twinset paired with a cotton jacquard pencil skirt that oozed easy sophistication.’
    • ‘For smarter looks, little blouses, pleated skirts and twinsets are given a flapper flavour with cloches hats, pearls and dainty shoes.’
    • ‘Like the sun in the morning and the moon at night, we expect the Tories to stick to their twinsets and pearls.’