Definition of twin bed in English:

twin bed


  • A bed designed or suitable for one person; a single bed, especially one of a pair of matching single beds.

    • ‘There was a little room with twin beds and in between was the cupboard.’
    • ‘She sat on one of the twin beds in the room they shared while Pheobe sat on the other.’
    • ‘Within the room, twin beds came into view, light making manifest every fold and curve of the gray-blue covers draped upon them.’
    • ‘Each had a single twin bed, a rickety chair, and nothing else.’
    • ‘In Vienna they share a hotel room with twin beds.’
    • ‘It took a few minutes for them to arrange everyone in place and set up all the spare sheets, but eventually Kate and Jake were assembled in the twin beds in Kate's room and Claire rested on the sofa in Kate's living room.’
    • ‘The décor in the room was simple: a single twin bed stuck out from the left wall, a window with a window seat was on the wall opposite the door, a cherry wood desk was to her right, and a hand-woven rug adorned the floor.’
    • ‘We were still living in Bronxville, and in my room there were two twin beds where my mother and I slept.’
    • ‘Her favorite and most frequent visitors to the guest room are her grandchildren, so twin beds were a must.’
    • ‘She and Lane got rid of her queen-sized bed and pushed two twin beds into an L shape in the corner against the walls like a sectional sofa.’
    • ‘But I got a nice room here, with a twin bed and everything.’
    • ‘Then, when Nathalie had woken up, she found herself in a quiet little room, with a small twin bed on one side and a white dresser on the other.’
    • ‘It was a small, single bedroom with a twin bed and a nightstand.’
    • ‘We had a little twin bed up against one wall, our bed against another, and a bassinet right next to it, as well as a crib next to the twin bed, and that's not mentioning the dresser.’
    • ‘There were two twin beds in the room, one on each side.’
    • ‘It was a tiny room in North London, big enough for a twin bed, a dresser, and a freestanding wardrobe.’
    • ‘My brother and I were relegated to sleep together in a room with two twin beds.’
    • ‘We were given the choice of an adjoining room for the children, with a cot and twin beds, or one big family room.’
    • ‘She retired to her twin bed, in the room she shared with Hannah.’
    • ‘The other room had twin beds in it and the first thought was to have Meagen and I stay in there and Tommy would sleep on the sofa bed.’