Definition of twin-screw in US English:



  • (of a ship) having two propellers on separate shafts that rotate in opposite directions.

    • ‘‘The ship that was made of brass ‘was what they called the 6953 ton Kyarra, a twin-screw passenger and cargo liner, 415 ft long with a beam of 52 ft, when she was launched by Denny Bros in Dumbarton on 2 February, 1903.’’
    • ‘I loaded up my rusting fishing tackle in the back of his wife's Lexus SUV (his BMW was in the shop for a $1,000 oil change), and off we went to his boathouse, from where we set off in his 40-foot twin-screw cruiser.’
    • ‘She was a twin-screw vessel with a controllable pitch propeller and was powered by two diesel engines producing 5,750 BHP giving a service speed of about 9 to 10 knots.’
    • ‘Whether single-screw, twin-screw, tugboat, catamaran, or classic monohull, the boats are tough oceangoing vessels that chug along for long distances.’
    • ‘The SS Cumberland was a steel twin-screw steamship of 8993 gross tons and 144.4m in length.’