Definition of twin-jet in US English:



  • (of an aircraft) having two jet engines.

    • ‘A vintage Beaufighter bomber, bought by the museum for a ‘six-figure sum’ two years ago, the society alleges, is in pieces in an unheated hanger, while a twin-jet fighter Buccaneer bomber is covered in corrosive dirt.’
    • ‘Who would have thought that today we would see a new production run of the twin-jet Stormbirds being built?’
    • ‘This ‘fracturing’ of the market was driven by the introduction of smaller twin-jet airplanes such as the 767 with sufficient range and market growth sufficient to make routes such as Atlanta-Milan viable.’
    • ‘These private funds allowed Impulse to lease five brand new Boeing 717-200 twin-jet airplanes, making it the first company in Australia to use the aircraft.’
    • ‘Boeing's initial entry in the short-haul twin-jet airliner market, the 737-100, did not fly until April 1967, almost four years after the first One-Eleven test flight.’
    • ‘The Albuquerque start-up is developing a small twin-jet plane - and leaning on a full-blown PLM suite to coordinate with suppliers in Japan, China, and Britain that will build the wings, nose section, and fuselage.’


twin jet
  • A twin-jet aircraft.

    • ‘The sleek, almost sinister appearing, twin jet was the fastest thing in the sky and could outrun a Mustang by over a 100-mph.’
    • ‘The dull roar of the twin jets sitting five feet below me, usually a comfort, were now a cause for worry - would they hold up under the additional strain of the combat settings, which had increased their power output above redline?’
    • ‘After three hours the twin jets - each five times hotter than the surface of sol - were shutting down, but their nuclear ghosts lingered for minutes after.’