Definition of twin-engined in US English:


(also twin-engine)


  • (chiefly of an aircraft) having two engines.

    • ‘The final option for powering boats is the simple single or twin-engined installation of standard petrol or diesel engines with gearboxes and shafts.’
    • ‘The airfield's largest visitors include light twin-engined aircraft although a number of military helicopters have also landed there.’
    • ‘Enlisting in the U.S. Coast Guard, he became a pilot of twin-engined seaplanes, doing search and rescue operations and fish and wildlife patrols in Florida, Texas, and Washington.’
    • ‘After he managed to get their satellite phone working, they called for help and a small twin-engined aircraft arrived at the crash site to take them back to Patriot Hills.’
    • ‘Instead of being given a single engined aircraft as was usual, we were allowed to use one of the latest and fastest new twin-engined bombers!’
    • ‘The job done by the police helicopter could be almost as well done and at considerably less cost by a specialist twin-engined aircraft such as the Cessna 337 Skymaster or the Brittan Norman Islander.’
    • ‘Another UK-based aircraft landed at 12.24 am, this time a Cessna twin-engined aircraft that visits regularly from London Biggin Hill.’
    • ‘The British developed the twin-engined Beaufighter and Mosquito - both of which also became successful night fighters - and the USA produced the twin-engined single-seater P38 Lightning.’
    • ‘It's twin-engined power, versatility, and strength have made it a natural for special operations missions.’
    • ‘From June 23rd, 1941 onwards small formations of Soviet Ilyushin I1-4 twin-engined bombers attacked Bucharest, the oil-fields of Ploesti, and the port of Constanta.’
    • ‘They were wide-bodied, twin-engined, short to medium range aircraft in the 200 seat class.’
    • ‘The White House said that there were ‘no unusual communications’ between the pilot of the twin-engined jet and air traffic controllers before the crash and that a National Transportation Safety Board probe was under way.’
    • ‘During thick fog, on June 4th, 1943, a Martin Maurauder twin-engined medium bomber of the US Army Air Force crashed into the slopes of Carn Llidi, overlooking White sands, killing all four crew members.’
    • ‘Most were expected to arrive at the company's ‘site base’ at the Fish River hotel aboard a twin-engined Bell 212 helicopter from Cape Town.’
    • ‘It launched a ‘family’ of twin-engined airliners that would remain in service with some North American scheduled carriers until well into the 1980s.’
    • ‘A well-visited and almost intact corpse of a Mitchell B25 twin-engined bomber lies along a reef near Wongat Island, almost in sight of Madang.’
    • ‘The HS - 129 began its life in 1939 as a twin-engined armored ground attack aircraft.’
    • ‘The 140 mph twin-engined Squirrel helicopter will able to transport patients from Whitby to the James Cook trauma unit at Middlesbrough Hospital within 10 minutes.’
    • ‘Glasgow Airport officials said the Dornier 328 twin-engined jet, carrying 15 people including the crew, landed around 3.25 pm.’
    • ‘It amazed audiences at its first appearances at Western air shows in the 1990s with aerobatic manoeuvres previously unknown for a twin-engined jet aircraft its size.’



/ˈˌtwin ˈenjənd//ˈˌtwɪn ˈɛndʒənd/