Definition of twice-born in US English:



  • 1Having undergone a renewal of faith or life.

    • ‘In the desire to be twice-born there is a good deal of self-hatred.’
    • ‘We are in the process of becoming twice-born, but we're not there yet.’
    • ‘William James wrote about the once-born and the twice-born.’
    1. 1.1 (of a Hindu) belonging to one of the three highest castes, especially as an initiated Brahman.
      • ‘Look at this twice-born who has shed blood, and be proud!’
      • ‘Such a Guru, when conferring knowledge of self and making one twice-born, opens the door and enables one to see the transcendental form of God within.’
      • ‘Both groups - and women, too - were prohibited from hearing the Veda and denied initiation into twice-born status (and the wearing of the sacred thread).’
      • ‘‘Hinduism ‘can best be defined as a set of ideas and practices of the upper, so-called twice-born castes that are based on the interpretation of the ancient Vedas and auxiliary textual traditions by Brahman priests.’’
      • ‘Barred from hearing the Sanskrit Veda and from access to the religion of the twice-born, they discovered their own spiritual path, an intimate and direct relationship with their Lord.’
    2. 1.2 (of a Christian) born-again.
      • ‘The impact of this movement on contemporary evangelical theologies of the twice-born experience needs much more critical examination.’