Definition of TV dinner in US English:

TV dinner


  • A prepared prepackaged meal that only requires heating before it is ready to eat.

    • ‘Dr Spungin - who has set up the Back to the Table campaign in the UK to encourage families to eat home-cooked meals together - says the problem is that the TV dinner destroys conversation.’
    • ‘After work, I would come home to my lonely apartment, pop a TV dinner in the microwave, and watch the television for the next few hours before going to sleep.’
    • ‘So she'd heated a TV dinner in the oven, finishing her quick meal while watching the news before showering and retreating to the guest bedroom, slamming the door shut behind her.’
    • ‘Much to their surprise, in the middle of their wonderful TV dinner, Adrienne walked in the room with presents for them.’
    • ‘A burger probably makes the ultimate TV dinner: there's no etiquette involved, no need for cutlery, and if you need a pudding afterwards, you haven't made it big enough.’
    • ‘Thompson's curriculum includes a segment on American popular cuisine, and Gerry Thomas, who invented the TV dinner in 1954, is a regular guest speaker in Thompson's classroom.’
    • ‘Helen lives alone in her neat, cream-and-beige home, curling up in her plain leather armchair each night to eat a low-fat TV dinner and swig a glass of Chardonnay.’
    • ‘When I asked Harrold if the invention of the TV dinner is an anniversary to be celebrated or mourned, he laughed.’
    • ‘On a rare night at home she says she's never knowingly eaten a TV dinner: she'd rather eat a boiled egg.’
    • ‘He picked at his TV dinner and glanced at me occasionally.’
    • ‘Amber pulled out a TV dinner and tore open the box.’
    • ‘A disgusting TV dinner sat next to a 24 case of beer in the empty fridge.’
    • ‘They humiliate themselves in front of millions of people, and everybody with their TV dinner just laughs it up, not being able to critically discern it from a good movie.’
    • ‘Like the cinematic equivalent of a TV dinner, this movie offers conveniently prepared, familiar ingredients that amount to something less than filling or satisfying.’
    • ‘Once I got home I plodded through the door, kissed my mom on the cheek, took a TV dinner up to my room, ate, and then, finally, went to sleep.’
    • ‘A chilled ready meal sounds so much nicer than a TV dinner.’
    • ‘I wonder what Katie's doing right now… Brylee's mind wandered to her hazel-eyed friend, most likely off eating a vegetarian TV dinner and watching Animal Planet.’
    • ‘Food snob Gabe cracks wise about all the processed food consumed by his friends, but if this play were food, it would be closer to a TV dinner than a gourmet spread.’
    • ‘‘Well neither do I,’ snapped Martin, he heads over across the hotel room to the oven, where he placed a TV dinner of Chicken Tortellini and pressed the nuclear symbol.’
    • ‘We're the country that invented the TV dinner and the drive-through.’


TV dinner

/ˌti ˌvi ˈdɪnər//ˌtē ˌvē ˈdinər/