Definition of tutee in English:



  • A student or pupil of a tutor.

    • ‘It is just dinner between a tutor and her tutee.’
    • ‘The time spent reading together would also be beneficial for both tutors and tutees by allowing them class time to read natural texts cooperatively.’
    • ‘Most of the research that has examined group assisted instruction has focused on programs where a more able reader functions as the tutor and a less able reader functions as the tutee in a cooperative reading pair.’
    • ‘If I were your personal tutee, how would you advise me to proceed?’
    • ‘American students were paired at random with an EFL tutee, and they were asked to communicate with the tutee via e-mail at least once a week for a 10-week period.’
    • ‘In my 19 years as a tutor at this university - and that encompasses hundreds of tutees - I had not witnessed such an inspiring presentation.’
    • ‘Scheduling help sessions might mean that tutors or tutees had to take extra trips to campus or be willing to meet in homes or dormitories.’
    undergraduate, postgraduate, scholar, tutee
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