Definition of tusked in US English:



  • See tusk

    • ‘Several possible explanations for the presence of two forms, tusked and tuskless, exist: the fossils could be of different species; different ages within a species; or the same species, opposite sexes.’
    • ‘In the 1980s their numbers dipped to dangerously low levels due to ivory poaching, but an effort to bring back the tusked mammal has had considerable success.’
    • ‘In the 1970s men of rank travelled regularly as far as Santo to obtain tusked boars for their rituals although since Independence in 1980, there has been a resurgence of home-bred tusked boars.’
    • ‘The tusked narwhal, white beluga whales and elusive bowhead whale all live off the northern part of this island.’
    • ‘Each side acquires wives for the other and redeems their spirits at death by providing their maternal kin with tusked boars and yams.’