Definition of tusche in US English:



  • A greasy black composition, in liquid form or to be mixed with liquids, used as ink for making lithographic drawings.

    • ‘The artist draws an image on acetate or Mylar, ‘with washes, tusches, lithographic crayons or whatever… that's where the magic is’ he said.’
    • ‘Draw onto the plates with lithographic pencils, crayons, tusche, and process with a single solution.’
    • ‘The diluted tusche dries to resemble ` toad-skin’ washes usually found in zinc-plate lithography.’
    • ‘The design is drawn on a special, flat stone or on a metal plate with a greasy water-repellant substance (greased crayon or a greasy ink called tusche).’
    • ‘The grease in the lithographer's crayon or tusche will repel water during the lithographic process.’


Early 20th century: from German tuschen, from French toucher ‘to touch’.