Definition of turret in English:



  • 1A small tower on top of a larger tower or at the corner of a building or wall, typically of a castle.

    • ‘It was completely surrounded by an ancient wall - with turrets and towers - and old churches and cobbled stone streets.’
    • ‘It was a large castle with countless turrets, towers, and boarded-over windows.’
    • ‘Small bolts of silver lighting could be seen every once in awhile striking the black turrets of the castle.’
    • ‘Then he describes a house up by the watertower, a grand and mysterious place that looks out over a gorge, and has an actual castle wall with a turret.’
    • ‘I would make castles with turrets, moats and drawbridges in the firm white sand until the tide came in and swept them away.’
    • ‘Sponges grow from the seabed like the turrets of a castle.’
    • ‘Many grotesque gargoyles with mysterious ochre stains around their mouths littered the castle's turrets and corners leering down at her.’
    • ‘Christine and I came and piled a huge mound of sand for a castle, adding turrets and walls and digging a moat that filled anew with every wave that reached it.’
    • ‘The architecture attested to its ancient heritage, with massive castle-like structures adorned with spires and turrets on nearly every building.’
    • ‘He went to the tallest turret of the castle and surveyed his land.’
    • ‘Main Street leads to Sleeping Beauty's Castle, its turrets towering above the magic, and from here you pick from the four ‘lands’ that contain the rides and shows.’
    • ‘Flames engulf the castle, whose turrets begin to crumble and fall.’
    • ‘Its facade mixes Georgian colonnades with the loopholes and turrets of a mediaeval castle; above, Palladian arcades rise to Mughal copulas.’
    • ‘It's a striking building with turrets and spires.’
    • ‘Now the bunny has licence to roam all over the flat and even has his very own Chateaux Lapin: a rabbit castle, complete with turrets.’
    • ‘The building strongly reminded me of a medieval castle, complete with turrets and towers, and the gray stone walls practically breathed history.’
    • ‘The fancy old house much resembled a castle, with many turrets and towers.’
    • ‘The towers and turrets of the castle rose above the trees like huge stony fingers, and the late evening sun was bathing it in a glorious golden peachy light.’
    • ‘Thirty minutes passed and they arrived at a large castle, many turrets decorating it, along with high towers.’
    • ‘However, they were anxious to gain control of the area again, and so in 1265 they built, but this time it was in stone and the castle reputedly had seven turrets.’
    1. 1.1 A low, flat armored gun emplacement, typically one that revolves, in a ship, aircraft, fort, or tank.
      • ‘A new feature of the tank is that the fitted modular special armour covers the turret.’
      • ‘Within seconds of him entering, and barrels of all three turrets swiveled around to face him.’
      • ‘As soon as Jack finished, Sam rushed out to the main laser turret.’
      • ‘He shot at the MG operator on top of the tank's turret with his pistol and killed him.’
      • ‘The Americans were developing larger tanks, with cast-armour hulls and turrets, better guns, and air-cooled diesel engines.’
      • ‘I immediately tried to swivel the turret, but it was no use.’
      • ‘The gun turrets swivelled and fired green lasers at the falcons.’
      • ‘I watched them from the turret of the command tank where I sat with the hatch nearly closed for protection.’
      • ‘Curious children clamber over the tank's turret, only to get shouted at by the men.’
      • ‘Mack sprinted forward, leapt up to man the machine-gun turret.’
      • ‘When he returns to his day job, though, popping his head over the turret as an army tank commander, he'll leave behind plenty of talent in the ranks.’
      • ‘We coordinated nonstandard casualty evacuation, which would be done on our tank turrets, and prepared his platoon for our arrival.’
      • ‘Immediately, Will rotated the turret to face his rear and destroyed the tank using his cannon.’
      • ‘Missile three demolished one of the main plasma cannon turrets of Battery One.’
      • ‘The Humvee rolled to a light stop on the curb, allowing James time to jump onto the rear turret.’
      • ‘The armoured turret has both laying and stabilisation drives and power supply.’
      • ‘For its anti-submarine role, the rear turret was replaced.’
      • ‘By now we had attracted the attention of the big cruiser, and the laser turrets were starting to turn.’
      • ‘We need one that had decent sailing capability, three decks, and a rotating cannon turret.’
      • ‘We should be able to see external point defense cannon turrets.’
    2. 1.2 A rotating holder for tools, especially on a lathe.
      • ‘The toolholder disc for the turrets can handle 12 tools.’
      • ‘That particular joint, number 5, is the rover arm turret, which rotates the four rover arm instruments into position.’
      • ‘Multiple-grating turrets allow two or more gratings to be mounted on a turret and rotated into position when needed.’
      • ‘Opportunity moved her arm into position, rotating the turret to aim the microscopic imager down toward the patch.’
  • 2A mollusk with a long, slender, pointed spiral shell, typically brightly colored and living in tropical seas.


Middle English: from Old French tourete, diminutive of tour ‘tower’.