Definition of turnip in English:



  • 1A round root with white or cream flesh which is eaten as a vegetable and also has edible leaves.

    • ‘They are as different from the fat autumn turnips as petit pois are from marrowfat peas.’
    • ‘There were eight kinds of preserved cabbage, soybeans, turnips and mushrooms served as appetizers.’
    • ‘This diet suggests daily doses of fresh vegetables, including turnips, mustard greens, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, bok choy, ginger root and sea vegetables.’
    • ‘Vegetables grown around the lakes such as spinach, turnips, and tomatoes are sold at dawn in a unique floating market from one boat to another.’
    • ‘If you'd like to extend the harvest of carrots, turnips and other root vegetables, leave some in the ground to mulch as the weather gets colder.’
    • ‘Outside the cavern I had viewed various edible herbs and plants such as onions and turnips as well as roots and grasses.’
    • ‘Besides carrots, other root vegetables include turnips, parsnips, radishes, beets and rutabagas.’
    • ‘Bob's family farmed the 36 acre island, growing onions, turnips, barley and potatoes.’
    • ‘Buried in this dirt, which remained cool but didn't freeze in the winter - were potatoes, carrots, turnips, and other root vegetables.’
    • ‘This cool but rewarding wine would make a keen companion for a curried vegetable stew of spicy curried parsnips, turnips, carrots, potatoes and baby onions.’
    • ‘As long as there were scraps of potatoes, carrots, turnips and the like, the pig could be fattened and eventually sold for profit.’
    • ‘The radishes, beets, turnips, carrots and other root vegetables grown at the Student Organic Farm are direct seeded.’
    • ‘Did the menu say those roasted wedges on the side were potatoes, turnips or parsnips?’
    • ‘Couscous, a dish made with granulated seminola grains, is usually topped with mutton, veal, or beef and a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, turnips, and pimentos.’
    • ‘The chicken kiev was slightly crispy and accompanied by the staple favourites potatoes, carrots and turnips.’
    • ‘The Celeriac is known as the beast of vegetables a turnip rooted, celery topped winter crop that is predominantly used in stews or soups.’
    • ‘Washing of vegetables: Ground grown vegetables like carrot, turnip, radish, should be washed thoroughly by running water.’
    • ‘The bulk of the book is devoted to detailed instructions on how to grow over 70 vegetables from sprouts, onions and turnips to the more exotic Mibuna and Mizuma greens, Pak Choi and winter squash.’
    • ‘Three healthy helpings of fresh mashed potatoes, turnips, carrots and green beans augmented by a some succulent gravy could tackle the eating powers of many an athlete.’
    • ‘Plant cool-weather vegetables such as beets, kale, lettuce, peas, radishes, spinach and turnips in late July, but keep them well watered and mulched.’
    1. 1.1 A root similar or related to the turnip, especially a rutabaga.
  • 2The European plant of the cabbage family which produces the turnip.

    • ‘Every farmer should grow his own seed, as he cannot be over particular in choosing the turnips for planting for seed.’
    • ‘Sixty-four-year-old David Masilo has learnt gardening skills and now, with a donation of land by Region 4, is a proud gardener with rows of Chinese cabbages, spinach, carrots and turnips.’
    • ‘They plant sweet peas and turnips and make great plans.’
    • ‘There's nothing I enjoy more than planting some turnips, going to sleep and waking up in the morning to turnip sprouts.’
    • ‘They have done experiments to see whether kale and turnip plants could possibly take up the excess that sometimes builds up in drainage water from irrigation operations.’
    • ‘Cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts predominate, but he also grows potatoes and sugar snap peas.’
    • ‘There are several interesting and highly nutritious root crops that can be used for animal feed, such as turnips, fodder beets and rutabagas.’
    • ‘Lena rolled her eyes, stepping over a pile of discarded weeds next to a garden of growing turnips.’
    • ‘Both plants belong to the crucifer family which also includes turnip, cabbage, and mustard.’
    • ‘I would like to know when turnips should be thinned.’
    • ‘Once seed sets on the oats the animals go back and forth in their grazing preference so the oats reseed and turnips continue to grow all the way into winter.’
    • ‘His form of sulfur actually comes from live plants in the Brassica genus - such as broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, radish, and canola.’
    • ‘Some graziers are planting paddocks with kale or turnips for winter forage in the North.’
    • ‘John Hadley builds his house in 1778 from the timbers of wrecked boats, while the British blockade the port and his wife, Coral, plants turnips and sweet peas.’
    • ‘A few turnip seeds sown now for Summer and Fall, reserving for a larger planting in late July for winter storage, is a good rule to follow.’
    • ‘Plant rape and turnips in July and August to provide grazing in November and December.’
    • ‘Staples, such as cabbages, potatoes, turnips, and field peas, were usually grown in the fields.’
    • ‘He grows oats, turnips and grass for silage and has introduced 140 Highland cattle, who remain its only occupants.’
    • ‘Now, he is a proud gardener with rows of Chinese cabbages, spinach, carrots and turnips growing from those trenches.’
    • ‘Beets, carrots, parsnips, and turnips can be left in the ground for winter harvest if mulched with 6 to 12 inches of hay or straw.’
  • 3dated, informal A large, thick, old-fashioned pocket watch.


Mid 16th century: first element of unknown origin + neep.